Sunday, January 29, 2012


January brought us our first snowfall of the year, but it also became my first (and hopefully ONLY) injury of the year.  After I finished shoveling my front steps and sidewalk, I slipped and fell, very painfully dislocating my right shoulder!  It took 2 doctors 3 attempts and 4 hours to get it back in place!  Not something I EVER want to experience again.  (Gives me a good excuse to never shovel again, right?) 

Consequently, I'm confined to a sling that immobilizes my arm for the next 3 weeks.  I have a wonderful team of musicians at church who have graciously stepped in to fill some of my responsibilities (Thanks Val, Kyle & Joy!) and last week I cancelled all my lessons to give myself a week to recoup. 

My lessons will be more guiding and lots of left hand only demonstrating, but I have such great students and parents that I have no doubt that we can make this work. 

Blogging may be sporatic for the next few weeks since pecking with my left hand (I'm right-handed!) is a slow process, but I have some new games and activities I've been working on and want to share with you so stay tuned!


Sarah said...

OUCH! I'm so sorry to hear about the injury. But what a blessing that you are surrounded by caring team members at church and understanding students and families who are willing to work with you as you recover.

Hope your recovery is quick and smooth!

Jennifer said...

Ouch is right. Glad you didn't break it! Here's to quick recovery!

Sheryl said...

Thank you Sarah & Jennifer! I'm hoping it's quick as well! I really appreciate your kind thoughts!

stace said...

Aw! Hope you heal up quickly! Can't wait to see your new creations. :)