Monday, March 7, 2011

A Storage Suggestion

I'm a crafter at heart.  It seems that if you can make something with your hands, I'm in!  Over the years, I have done crochet, knitted, embroidered, sewed, rubber stamped, quilted, quilled, watercolored, etc.  In fact, I have a room in my home devoted to my love of crafting and spending time in there is one of my favorite things.  One of the storage methods I use in this room are these wonderful stackable cubes:

Jetmax Modular Storage
I LOVE these.  They are so well designed and since the cubes are purchased separately, you can put the them together any way that works for you.  I've been thinking strongly about using these in my studio. 

The cubes with the shelves are the perfect size for storing music.  You can turn them horizontally or vertically and the edges can easily be labeled (using a labeler) by level or type.  The three drawer cubes would be perfect to store games and activites - again easily labeled by activity (rhythm, note id, etc.)  If you conduct summer camps, these would also work well for storing all of the items you need for each camp.  If you have a group lesson coming up, you could use one to hold everything you need as you put items together and avoid having "piles" of stuff sitting around (which is my problem!).  There are more cube options then you see in this picture and having used these in my craft room, I can envision loads of ways to use them in the studio. 

I buy them at Michaels and usually buy them at a 40-50%  discount by simply printing coupons off the internet and buying them one or two at a time.  They do come unassembled, but I have found them easy to put together and well worth the investment.  I also love how organized and orderly they look - which would add to the professional image I want my studio to have.

So if you're looking for a storage option, I would highly recommend these.  If I do decide to go with this option and start using them in my studio, I will take pictures so that you can see! 

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