Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Birthday Wreath

My sweet friend Rachel made one of these balloon wreaths and inspired me to make one for my studio.  I kept thinking that it would make a fun birthday wreath where I could attach my students names or pictures during the month of their birthday.  Wouldn't they love to come in the door with this on it?

It is made with a straw wreath and balloons are attached all over it with greening pins (found in the flower section at a craft store).  Not only is it adorable, but it was fun to make.  And what child doesn't love balloons?

It's really a fun addition.  I bought the wreath and the greening pins at Michaels and the balloons at the local dollar store.  Like Rachel, I needed about 250 balloons and greening pins to make it nice and full. I used a 14" straw wreath.

Now all I need to do is attach my student's name or picture during their month.  I plan to put it up at next week's group lesson with all of the January through March birthdays and then keep it going throughout the year! 

Super cute!

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Rachel said...

It looks so nice!