Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Musical Charms

I stumbled on the site, Fitness Finders and found these wonderful and inexpensive charms.

My first thought was how wonderful they would work with an incentive program or some sort of reward system where my students try to collect all of the colors.
If they were put on a metal jump ring, they could easily attach to the 3-ring binders I use for student notebooks. 

If you use recorders in your studio, you can also attach them to the recorders using a 1" metal ring as your students master levels.  They would look so cute hanging on the end!

I'm sure you can think of lots of ways to use them!  This site has all kinds of adorable charms!  I also looked at a few that were "award" related - thumbs up charms, star charms, smiley faces, etc.  Wouldn't it be fun to give each student a metal ring at the beginning of the year where they collect music charms as well as other charms for specific acheivements or levels of accomplishments?  For example, a charm for learning all of the 5 finger major scales, another charm of a different color for the minor scales, maybe a charm for completing a composer study, or for naming all the notes on the staff under one minute, etc. 

So cute!  I know how much kids love to collect things so I think they would be extremely excited.  It could lead to a very motivating year!

AND...they are Made in America and offer free samples!

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Jennifer said...

How cool are these? Thanks for sharing your find! :)