Wednesday, February 2, 2011


With Storm Ethan, came this little guy...
He was the second of twins born right in the middle of the ice storm last night, but unfortunately got stuck in the birth canal and had a very traumatic entrance into the world.  My husband found the mother laying down and in a very bad way.  He helped the process and brought this little guy inside the house.  He looked close to death so I spent the day today (no lessons due to the storm) keeping him warm and bottle feeding him back to health.

You would never know to look at him in this picture that he had been through so much.  He's a little fighter!  Consequently, we named him Ethan!  Right now he is back with his mama (who is doing well)and brother and hopefully she will begin to take care of them both.  They are absolutely adorable!

This, of course, is why I didn't have a musically related post today.  Maybe tomorrow...I hope you survived the storm and stayed warm and dry.  Personally, I am VERY ready for Spring!

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