Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Think Outside the Box!

I'm always on the look out for unique ideas to incorporate into my studio to keep things "fresh and fun".  I want my students to look forward to coming and wonder what unexpected things I'm up to!  Recently my sister and I took my parents up to Vermont for a couple of days to a few spots they really enjoy.  While at one of these places, I spotted this HUGE pencil and thought about all of the fun I could have with it in the studio.

I laid it on the piano to give you an idea of the size!  Both the lead and the eraser really work and have added a WOW! factor to our lessons.  Every student has asked the same question - "How do you sharpen it?"

Letting students mark off music after they have completed a song is one way I've been using it and they all look forward to having a chance with it so I'm hoping it helps provide an added amount of incentive.  Are there fun and unique things you use to keep lessons "fresh and fun"?


Jennifer said...

So how do you sharpen it? ;)

Sheryl said...

LOL! I've been telling the kids that we'll use a knife and "whittle it down" like a good scout would do!

Di said...

Wow, that IS an impressive pencil!