Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Fun Week!

Because the studio recital is this Friday night, I wanted to do something fun this week in lessons.  Everyone is excited, but there is also some performance anxiety, so I wanted to make this week a fun week and try to capitalize on the excitement rather than focus on their nervousness.  With that in mind, I am planning some fun "Christmas activities" to do in individual lessons or to do with a couple of them that come back-to-back for lessons.  In addition to going over their recital pieces, I'm also planning...

a game of Musical Christmas Lights designed by Susan Paradis which is going to work great for my beginning students.  They love to play "bingo" type games and using fun glass pieces to cover the lights will be a hit!

For my pre-reading students I picked up these foam snowflakes, adapted them with keyboards to help reinforce key names, and plan to hide them around the studio. 

I had done something similar at my fall workshop and the kids have been asking me to do it again!  I picked snowflakes so that I can use them in other ways all winter long.  Fun! Fun!

For my intermediate students, I am planning to use some familiar Christmas songs to test their aural rhythm skills.  They will have each measure of a familiar song printed out and will have to think about the rhythm while trying to put the measures in the proper order.  This is a bit of a change since I usually have them look at a rhythm and tap it out.

You can find these rhythms already done for you on D'Net's site here.  Just print, laminate and have fun!

Any fun Christmas activities you are planning?


Anonymous said...

Do you have a copy of keyboard notes for the snowflake game? I would like to make one.

Sheryl said...

I make the keyboards using www.macmusicfonts.com and added a "x" to one of the keys with a marker, punched them out and attached them to the snowflakes with a tape runner. I wanted this project to be quick and easy. If you need a copy of the keyboard, feel free to contact me at www.notablemusicstudio.com. Hope this helps!

Anonymous said...

Thank you. I will try this.