Friday, October 8, 2010

Your Top 5!

I love to read and love to learn so I'm always on the hunt for a good book, whether it be fiction, non-fiction, a good mystery or one that helps me to be a better teacher!  There are loads of books out there that give us great pointers on teaching, piano pedagogy and even books that help us set up a studio.  I'm interested to hear what you consider your top 5 to be. 

If you had to choose 5 books that have been the most effective in your teaching or have been the most helpful to you as a piano instructor, which 5 would it be?   I would love to hear what they are and what makes them your top choices.  I will compile the list and post the "winners" next Friday.  I think it will be helpful to all of us!


Heidi said...

My 5 favorites in random order are:
How to Teach Piano Successfully - by James Bastien
The Art of Teaching Piano - by Denes Agay
Spiritual Lives of the Great Composers- by Patrick Kavanaugh
That's a Good Question - How to Teach by Asking Questions by Marienne Uszler (short, yet full of practical advice)
The Well Tempered Keyboard Teacher by Uszler, Gordon, McBride-Smith
Lately my favorite source for piano teaching inspiration has come from my fellow bloggers, one post at a time:) I am eager to hear what other books I have missed out on!

Leanne said...

I would add "The Practice Revolution" by Philip Johnston. It's packed full of practical, easy-to-use advice for figuring out how kids practice, and then how to help them practice more effectively. Loads of ideas.