Thursday, June 3, 2010

Marketing Summer Camps

I don't limit my summer camps to my piano students. I encourage kids of all levels of music - including "no" musical background - to participate. The camps are not usually centered around the piano, but around music - reading the staff, rhythm, musical terms, listening skills and introducing all kinds of instruments. The town that I live in has a "Sign-Up" day for all the recreational summer programs this Saturday and they asked to include my studio camps! I'm thrilled, since this opens up the opportunity for more kids to experience music and my studio. As part of the planning, I decided to put together a poster and some "props" to take with me.

Since most of the programs include sports, music camps are a nice alternative! I wanted to "stand out" while sitting beside all those coaches so I went for bold and colorful! I also had a friend embroider the name of my studio on a bright shirt for me to wear for the morning. I'm really hoping the extra work leads to lots of kids signing up!


Rachel said...

That's great that you get to be a part of that! I'll be praying for you! Hope you get tons of kiddos!

Jenny Bay said...

Hope you got a lot signed up - I love all your props and the bright-colored poster - looks like it'll be a fun camp!