Thursday, December 13, 2018

Musical Flags!

Looking for a exciting way to decorate your studio to start out the new year?  Look no further!

These modern-looking flags add just the right amount of fun while also acting as a fabulous teaching tool.

Hang them from your ceiling, your wall or a bulletin board.  The modern, geometric look fits any studio decor.  Your students will love them and you will find they come in handy when reviewing terminology.

Use them to drill your students to see how many they can name or define!  Use them in a group lesson and have students point them out after giving them a definition.

There are two styles of banners and we've included all the instructions to hang them separately or back-to-back so that you can even hang them freely in the middle of your room if you want!

We hope you enjoy them and find all kinds of ways to interact with them with your students!

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