Wednesday, May 2, 2018


I'm starting a new weekly segment - What's New? WEDNESDAY!  On Wednesdays I will be highlighting a new resource we've put together at Birds of a Feather.  It could be a new game, new camp, new teaching tool, practice incentive, interactive book, etc. We want you to know about them as soon as they are available!

So....First up...

CAN YOU REACH 100?  (Djembe Edition)
This fantastic puzzle is a fast, fun way for your studio to mark progress toward a 100 of ANYTHING!  Have you challenged your students to learn 100 pieces?  Maybe 100 days of practice?  Maybe you want to work on rhythm so you ask your students to complete 100 rhythm exercises!  Whatever you decide, we have a very exciting way to do it!  Instead of just checking a box, have your students build a puzzle together!

This djembe is a 100-piece puzzle that students work together to complete.  Each time one of your students completes a challenge requirement, they can draw a puzzle piece to add.  My students had a great time working together on this and really looked forward to participating.

We've included two puzzles of the same image- one is muted with lines showing where each puzzle piece should be added and the other is a full color version that you cut into pieces.  Those pieces can be placed in a bowl, bag or bucket so that students can reach in and grab one at a time.  Each puzzle is four printed pages that are attached together.

This photo shows our start as we began to fill in pieces.  The goal for my studio was to complete 100 performance ready pieces within one month. Everyone in my studio participated and worked hard to practice those pieces!  And...we were successful!

So if you're planning a 100 challenge, consider this fun way to track it!  CAN YOU REACH 100? Djembe Edition would work great over the summer to keep your students practicing and to give them goals to work toward!

CAN YOU REACH 100? Djembe Edition is available under the Birds of a Feather tab above!  It's also included as part of IN THE HEART OF THE JUNGLE practice incentive - another fantastic teaching tool!

To purchase and download CAN YOU REACH 100? Djembe Edition, click on the Lulu link below.
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