Thursday, May 10, 2018

Organized Game Center & a SALE!

I don't know about you, but by the time the school year ends (since it coincides with many of our studios), my studio needs a BIG dose of organization!  I always start the fall with a completely organized, clean area, but as the year goes along, my attempts at staying organized can start to falter and then it pretty much goes downhill from there!

This past year I tried a whole new approach to my game organization and put together what I hoped would be an organized center.  I couldn't be more excited about how well it worked and since it's the only area in my studio that STAYED organized all year, I'm planning to try to pull inspiration from that center to other areas over the summer.

So here's a look at what I did...
I purchased a Kallax shelf unit from Ikea, turned it on it's side and added bins.  I labeled each bin with a musical concept which allowed me to sort games appropriately.

On the top of the unit, I store purchased games that I've altered to be music games and all of our dice, game chips,  and Japanese erasers that we use as game pieces.

I've posted before about how I store each game and let me just say - this system is FABULOUS!  Here's a post with a full description of that system.

Within each bin, all of the games are stored in pouches making it easy to "grab and go" when I need to fit in a bit of fun learning.

I put together a short video showing each bin and giving a bit more detail.  I hope it inspires you to make some organizational changes in your own studio!

Now for some EXTRA fun...

All of our games are ON SALE now until the end of this month!  Most of them 25% off! Here's your chance to stock up for the fall or even for use this summer - whether you use them with summer lessons, camps or other summer related activities you're planning!

Just click on the BIRDS OF A FEATHER tab above and shop away!!  We do have a few new games that I have yet to post about.  Watch for those over the next couple of weeks!

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