Saturday, March 17, 2018

Want to Take a Trip to the City?

They're HERE!  Tonic Tower and Beyond City Limits are now available in the shop!  Here's a peek inside each one:

Tonic Tower 
Tonic Tower is a studio practice incentive that centers around a large skyscraper.  Students "climb" the tower, visiting eight different shops on the way to the top.

The shops are self-contained and unique so that activities for each one is entirely different from the others.  Shops can be used in any order you wish - use all or choose a few - allowing you complete flexibility to adjust the incentive to fit your studio's needs!

The eight Tonic Tower shops include:
      Flip Your Lid! (hat shop)
      Pear Phones and Tablets
      Scoops Ice Cream Shoppe
      All that Ticks & Tocks (clock shop)
      Laser Adventure (laser tag)
      Tonic Music Academy
      Gone to the Dogs (pet daycare)
      Sweet Expectations Candy Shop

All the information, directions and printed material for each shop is included.  If you spend at least four weeks in each shop, this practice incentive can last 24 weeks or more of lessons.

We also included ideas/printed material for decorating your studio/classroom and your students notebooks as well as ideas for your recital.

Here's a few of the items you can expect to find in this incentive:
   * Tonic Tower printable
   * Elevator Panel for your students to track practicing
   * A fun, interactive flip book about composer, John Williams
   * A Create-a-Game kit to help your students create games for your studio
   * Game boards and activities for various shops
   * Two self-contained games for use during the year


Our students really enjoyed the changes each month and looked forward to all the activities.  We planned a "hidden" shop at the top to build up anticipation.  This was a very motivating incentive and we think your students will love it as much as ours did!

Beyond City Limits
Beyond City Limits is the camp we put together to tie into our year long practice incentive.  This camp invites your students to explore life in the big city.  They participate in games, activities and arts and crafts that focus on six city "regions" with special activities in each.

   *City Center - a fun group graffiti music & art project
   *Municipal Park - group games
   *Grand Central Station - jumbo EVERYTHING
   *Shopping District - games/activities based on shops
   *Arts & Museums District - arts and crafts
   *City Station - Drumming project

As with many of our camps, Beyond City Limits is designed to fill at least 15 hours of fun.

Here's some of what's included:

   * Metropolitan Transit Map
   * Metro Passes
   * City Region Signs
   * Graffiti Music Art Project
   * Five Shop Games
   * Five Jumbo Games
   * Four Craft Activities
   * And LOTS MORE!

So take your kids on a fun journey through the city with a week of fabulous games, activities and art projects. We've also included a guide for running this camp to try and make it as easy as possible!

You can find both Tonic Tower and Beyond City Limits by clicking on either the camp tab or the Birds of a Feather tab above!  The best news???  They're both ON SALE right now!!

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