Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Have you seen The Emoji Movie?

I recently took my granddaughter to The Emoji Movie, which is currently still in the theaters.  It was very cute and she LOVED it.   Now every time we see an emoji anywhere, she reminds me of a part in the movie.  Are your students talking about it?

Why not take advantage of that excitement to encourage a bit of music learning?  Birds of a Feather has 2 fun emoji games that all of our students enjoy playing!

Here's a quick look at both of them:

Emoji Accidental
This super fun-filled game is perfect to work on accidentals with your students.  Students start on a very sad, injured emoji and work their way around the board to turn their emoji into a happy, healthier version all while identifying those accidentals!

This packet includes a game board, game cards, grand staff cards and game directions.  Add a few fun emoji erasers as game pieces and you'll have students longing to learn their accidentals!

So much fun!! 

Emoji-magination - NEW!!!
This fun charade-style game is a great way to review/reinforce musical terms and let's face's just plain fun!  This game centers around a large emoji-die - a MONKEY emoji-die!!  This totally adds to the charade fun!  
This packet includes game directions, game cards and the 6 monkey sides you need to add to a square box!  This game is a favorite at group lessons!

Celebrating what your students love, helps you teach in a way that makes your students want learn!  Have fun with them and if you haven't seen the movie, make sure you do!  You might even want to make it a studio event!


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