Monday, May 18, 2015

Wheel of Terms!

It's that time of year where I'm getting ready for the spring recital, preparing student evaluations and getting ready for summer camps.  It's super busy with piles everywhere, but I thought I would post about a group lesson we had recently.  One game in particular was a favorite!

Before the summer hit, I wanted to use up some small prize box items and some leftover candy I had hanging around the studio, so I put together a game I called "Wheel of Terms"!

I made the spinner on a medium size white boards and used my Spinzone magnetic spinner which is ALWAYS a big hit.  The wheel could stop on candy, prize box, move ahead 1 space or lose a turn.  The candy and prize box are obvious!  The move ahead 1 space related to this years practice incentive program, allowing students to move ahead one space without practicing for the week!  You can imagine that went over well.  Lose a turn meant that their turn passed to the other team.
We did play this in teams and based on the kids that came to the group lesson, I divided them up boys against girls which increased the excitement!  To play the game I wrote out a bunch of musical terms I knew were familiar to the students and grabbed another white board and marker.

I placed lines to match the number of letters in the word and had the first team spin the wheel.  As long as it didn't land on "lose a turn", the first team could guess a letter.  If they guessed a letter that was in the word, I filled it in on the correct space.  If there were two or more of the same letter, I filled all of them in.  The team then had a chance to guess the word based on the position of the letter(s) in the word.  If they guessed it correctly, they would receive the reward on the spinner.

Play would then pass to the next team with a new word.  If a team originally guessed a letter that was not in the word, I wrote it on the bottom of the white board and again, play would pass to the other team and the first team would lose their reward for that round.  We did several rounds and my students LOVED it.  It was also helpful to review each term after it was guessed.  SUPER FUN!

Can you guess the above musical term??

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