Friday, August 1, 2014

Rhythm Dash!

Here's a fun game we used in the studio this summer.  It quickly became a favorite!
Who can be the first team or player to get 5 in a row and win?  This is a game that reviews note values in a fun, interactive way!

To play, you need a game board(directions below), the game cards (found here) and chips or game pieces for each team or player.

This is how we played the game - I put 4 teams together (one team of leaders!) and placed all the cards facedown on the floor a distance away.  Players took turns running down to select a card and to determine the amount of beats on the card they chose.  Once they determined the number of beats, then they had to decide where to place their team chip to either try and get their own 5-in-a-row OR to place it in a way that would block another team that may be close to winning.

Here's a look at the cards.  The game board uses numbers 3-12 (10 of each) so there are 10 cards with 3 beats, 10 cards with 4 beats, 10 cards with 5 beats, etc.  So 100 rhythm cards, PLUS cards that say, "Bump an Opponent!" and "Wild Card!".   You can print as many of these extra cards as you want.

If a player selects a "Bump an Opponent!" card, it enables him to remove a chip from an opposing team or player.  This helps to stop them from getting 5-in-a-row, or removes a chip that an opposing team placed earlier that was meant to stop you from getting 5-in-a-row.  You can decide if you want them to be able to place their own chip in it's place or just leave it blank.  A "Wild Card!" allows players to place a chip anywhere they want on the board.

To make a larger game board, you can simply use a poster board or foam board and draw a grid 10 x 10 which will give you 100 squares.  In each square randomly write in numbers 3-12 using 10 of each number.

If you prefer something more compact or without the extra work, you can print a smaller version here.  I made it without color for a bit of savings so I would suggest printing it on a colored piece of cardstock.

That's it!  You're now ready to play!

I hope you enjoy using this game with your students!  If you're a elementary school teacher, this would be a great day for your 100th day of school!


Nita Broadwell said...

When I click the link to download the cards it takes me to my Music Teacher's Helper log in?

Sheryl said...

Thank you for alerting me Nita. It's all fixed now.

Sue said...

I am also unable to download any of the Rhythm Dash cards or game board. Like Nita, it is takes me to The Music Teacher's Helper log in. (8/11/14)

Sheryl said...

Hi Sue, I just looked at it again. It's cooperating for me just fine, but I re-installed them to make sure. When you are taken to the site there is a log-in, but you don't need it worry about that to get the game board and the cards. The cards are at the bottom and the game board is in the middle of the resources. For some reason I can't get them to stay together. Please let me know if you're still having trouble. I hope you enjoying using it with your students. I would love to hear some feedback when you do!

Sue said...


When I click on the link, I get a list of folders and files rather than the actual cards. I've tried opening the files and folders but with no luck. Any suggestions??

Lena said...

I am unable to open the files for this as well. These files show up as a zip and all your others are pdf, don't know if that is the problem.

Patti said...

I am unable to print this as well. Maybe because it is "pages" instead of pdf. All I get are files of parts. Please help!! I would like to use this the first week of teaching. I love your resources and use many of them. Thanks for sharing!!

Sheryl said...

Good Grief!! You would think it was my first time uploading a file!!! So sorry. I have fixed them to be PDFs! Let's chock that one up to a busy summer!!!
It should be all set now, but if not, please let me know!!

Sue said...

Yay!!!! It works!!! Thanks so much, Sheryl. Your games are so much fun and this one looks just as promising. Can't wait to try it out. Thanks for all you do to give so many of us teachers a creative "shot in the arm!!" Your efforts are greatly appreciated! =)

amclaughlin86 said...

When I click on either of the download links, I'm directed to and asked to sign up. Do you have the cards/game board posted as a pdf somewhere?