Friday, December 13, 2013

Christmas Gifts

My studio Christmas recital was this past weekend and it went extremely well!  I was very proud of all my students!
It was a night of beautiful Christmas & Hanukkah music as well as pieces the students and I picked together that were general in nature.

After each recital, I always have a reception.  I provide the punch/coffee and all the paper goods.  Each family in my studio brings a goodie to share.  It's also a night that I give each of my students a Christmas gift so I thought I would share with you what I did this year.

On December 26th last year (yes I bravely went out to check out the sales with the girls in my family and a very dear friend).  While were out, I found these adorable bells for half price!
I purchased 40 of them for a grand total of $20.00!  I wanted to personalize them a bit so I picked up some alphabet beads and some cute tiny ornaments designed for tiny trees. 

With a bit of wire and some beads I had on hand, here's a look at how they came out!

Cute, huh? 

I had also found these adorable boxes for about $.25 apiece which made wrapping a cinch!  All in all, I spent about $1.10 per gift including the wrapping!  I was pretty pleased about that!

And the response?  They loved them!  They loved their name on the ornaments, the fact that they were bells and were very excited to hang them on their trees! 

As a side note, I did give my older teens iTunes gift cards which were a bit more expensive obviously, but even those don't need to be much to make teens happy!

I hope this helps give you ideas if you give out gifts as well.  Oh...and don't forget to check out those sales on the 26th!


Heidi said...

I love how you personalized the bells!

Sheryl said...

Thank you Heidi. The kids loved it as well!

secxevic pusken alexsander said...
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