Monday, May 6, 2013

You've been 'stached!

I've been extremely busy and I plan to share more of that with you, but in the meantime I thought I'd share a fun game I put together!  We're using it at group lessons and it's good for loads of laughs!!  It all started when I discovered this item at a local store...
Mustache Duct Tape!!!  So cute!  I actually saw it a couple of months ago, started to put it my cart and TOLD myself to put it back until I figured out a way to use it.  Yes, I talk to myself...alot! 

Anyway, I finally came up with an idea so I trotted back to the store and bought two rolls along with a 20" x 30" while foam board.  From there, I completely covered the foam board with the duct tape.  I even lined up the mustaches...yes, I talk to myself and I'm a bit neurotic about order!  From there I added three sets of colored circles and some letters with the name of the game...."You've Been Stached!"
So Cute, right?  The duct tape in the background SO makes it!  There's a start and a finish using all three colors together and since I didn't label them, it allows us to go in either direction.

Here's how to play (or at least one way as I'm sure you can come up with loads of ways also!).  Determine what music concept you want to work on...or what three.  The sky's the limit.  Grab your own set of questions or flashcards!  For example, if you want to review rhythm with your students, review it 3 ways, such as clapping out a rhythm example, find a missing note value in a rhythm example or determine a time signature based on the notes shown. 

Each player must answer a question based on the color they are currently on.  So if you determine purple (or whatever color you use) to be clapping the rhythm, the player must clap it successfully in order to roll a die and move forward.  They remain in the purple area until they successfully complete answers and the die allows them to move into the orange area.  You'll notice that I set it up to go in each area twice.  The first one to hit the finish circles and successfully answer a question wins! 

Now here's a few tricks I added (the fun we teachers have!!)!  In a few of the circles around the board, I have added some mustaches.
If a player lands on one of these circles by the roll of the dice, they receive a card of the same color.  The cards say "You've been 'stached!, "You get to 'stache an opponent!", "You get to remove your 'stache", "Lose a turn", "Take an extra turn!", "Stache your teacher!".

Add a few 'staches on sticks and you're set to go!  Yes, they have to "wear" the musctaches throughout the game.  VERY funny!  Keep in mind that you can review ANY concept or concepts.  The board is super easy to make and you can make it as simple as possible.  My students LOVE these big game boards which is why I use foam boards often.  And, I can get a lot of kids playing on one board at once. 
If you would like to use the cards in your own studio or classroom, they are available on my website here.  Print pages 1-2 as many times as colors you choose.  If your choose 3 colors like I did, print pages 1-2 on each of the three colors.  You can use page 3 for the back of all the cards.  On page 4, I've added some mustaches you can cut out of cardstock and attach to dowel rods or straws.

I hope you find this as fun as we have!


Anonymous said...

This looks super fun!! So creative! =D


Anonymous said...

I saw the cutest mustache prizes through spring catalog. They are supposed to be the hottest new trend. But the duct tape is really cool. You have a very creative mind. I like it. I've used several of your ideas. Thank you, Thank you!

Sheryl said...

Thank you both for your comments! It's always fun to try to put together games and activities that keep kids inspired to continue to learn music!

Mary Cumming said...

this looks like so much fun! Great ideas Sheryl! You inspire me!