Friday, February 8, 2013

Beautiful Repertoire

While attending the MTNA Conference last year in NY City I was introduced to a wonderful pianist and composer.

 Naoko Ikeda performed several of her compositions for us and each of us in attendance received a copy of her piano collection, Miyabi.    I recently started using this collection with a student and not only do I love them, but my student is so excited to play them, she wants to learn them all and record them!  They are so well done and so reflective of the images in each title. 

MiyabiDuets in Color - Book 1Duets in Color - Book 2

Because I enjoyed this collection so much, I went ahead and purchased two other books by her, Duets in Color, Book 1 and Book 2.  Book 1 is a set of 12 duets in the twelve major keys, with titles such as "Coral Sunrise", "Emerald Ocean Waves", & "Magenta Waltz".  Book 2 is another set of 12 duets in the twelve minor keys, with titles such as "Silver Rain", "Sapphire Blossoms" and "Cool Chartreuse".   I can't say enough about how wonderful these are and how well they are composed.  The only disappointing thing for me is that they aren't solo pieces!  At an early to mid-intermediate level they would be enjoyable to just sit down and play, but of course as they are, I need a partner!!  I'm actually considering recording one part just to enjoy playing them with myself!

I highly recommend all three of these collections and am considering ordering several other pieces done by this wonderful composer!

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