Thursday, December 6, 2012

My 2012 Christmas Wish List

I keep a constant wishlist going on  In fact it currently has almost 300 items I would love to have for the studio!  Loads of books and a bunch of resources!  As I scroll through it, I have a few items I'm really hoping to get soon so I thought I'd share those with you.

1. First up (and not in any specific order)...
 Educational Insights 3-in-1 Portable Easel
This is  Educational Insights 3 in 1 portable easel.  It measures 15" x 20" and I love the fact that I could work with it while it's standing on its own!  Currently I use white boards and have to hold them myself.   I also love the fact that it's magnetic and has a flannel board!

2.  Note Busters

This looks like a wonderful resource for some of my younger students!

3.  Mr. Potato Head
Hot Potato
I can think of ALL KINDS of ways to use one of these in group lessons!

4.  Classics Music Fun!
Classic Cartoon Favorites, Vol. 6 - Extreme Music Fun
A very fun resource that will appeal to my students as well as those in my homeschool classes!

5.  The "NO" button
The No Button the No Button Is a Handy Button That Says 'No' in 10 Different Variations
My students all love the "EASY" button!  This would add to the fun!

6.  Head Full of Numbers
LEARNING RESOURCES Head Full of Numbers Math Game
Truth be told, I want this game simply for the adorable shaker cup, but can think of a few uses for the dice as well.  Can you imagine the fun if we changed it to "Head Full of Beats"?

What's on your wish list?  I love to have you share items you're looking at!

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