Monday, April 16, 2012

Musical "ZAP"!

With an upcoming Recorder homeschool class and a studio group lesson just around the corner, I wanted to find another way to make review a bit more fun in a group setting.

 The result...Musical "ZAP!
Basically, this is a fun way to review or quiz students on Note ID, rhythm, intervals, modes, history, etc.  By simply answering a question correctly and earning a point for their team, they also earn the chance to choose any card tucked behind the numbered pockets. 

I simply used foam core poster board (20"x30") which was already blue, cut out the letters and numbers using my die-cutting machine, and made pockets which are about 2"x 3" using cardstock.  After I glued all the pockets on, I laminated the entire board and used an blade to cut a slit in the top of the pockets so the laminated cards could slip in and out.  This would be easy enough to make with poster board and library file pockets with handwritten numbers on them.  I just like to play with paper and and love my die-cut machine! 

Here are the cards I used:
"Zap!" the other team of all its points!
"Zap!" your own team of all its points!
"Zap!" both teams of all their points!
Add 1 point to your own team's score!
Subtract 1 point from your own team's score!
Add 1 point to the other team's score!
Subtract 1 point from the other team's score!
(I used these last four for 2 points, 3 points and 5 points as well)
Both teams get to keep their own scores!
Switch scores with the other team!
Take another turn!
You've been "zapped!" out of your next turn!

Of course, they are placed randomly in the pockets and the student just needs to pick a number to chose the card they want.  I used 30 pockets, but this game would work just as well using less cards.

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