Sunday, November 13, 2011

Do You Have THIS Resource at Your Fingertips?

Last Wednesday, I had my second group workshop for this year.  We did a few fun things to get started, but then I had a guest speaker - actually it was the dad of one of my students!  To go along with the Mission:Music theme, I planned to talk about world music at each of my group lessons this year.  This particular dad had grown up in Brasil and travels there at least twice a year.  For about 30 minutes he talked with kids about Brazil and Brazilian music.  They loved it!  He even brought a couple of brasilian instruments to show them and let them play. 
Unfortunately, I was so engrossed it was he was saying that I forgot to take pictures!!  (I've GOT to work on that problem!)!  I already have another parent lined up for our group lesson in January.  She is a professor of Japanese History at the University of Connecticut so we'll be getting lots of information about Japan and Japanese music! 

Having said that, I would encourage you to "know" your parents!  Is there a way that you can use them to create a fun learning experience for your students?   Send out a questionnaire or just spend a bit of time talking to them.  You may find a wonderful, FREE resource right at your fingertips!  My experience has been that my parents are happy to help in any way possible, and it's nice for your students to be able to learn from a new face and voice in your own studio!


Aleta said...

What a wonderful idea ... we live in a transient community in the Far North of Canada --- well, let's say mid-far North! I missed an opportunity as you suggested, but shall be on the lookout for others! Thanks for the suggestion!

Laura Lowe said...

That is a great idea! At our last group class, we did some ensemble work (8 hands, 2 pianos) and I had one of my dads help us with putting it all together. It's wonderful to have some musician parents who can play with students on duets and help with things like this.

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Tiane said...

Estou no Brasil, Igreja Batista do Morumbi, e descobri este site, estou amando !!