Thursday, September 22, 2011

New Faber Resources

new! Primer Level Teacher GuideYesterday I had the great privilege to attend a workshop presented by Randall Faber.  This was my first opportunity to not only hear him speak, but to also hear him play.  What talent!

Besides sharing about all of the updates in their 2nd addition of many of their method books, he shared some great pedagogy tips.  I loved his attitude toward teaching - engaging the student and trying to increase their curiosity! 

In addition to all the great tips we received, it was also an opportunity to see some new resources available.  One is a new sighting reading book that goes along with the primer level.  What a great addition!  The sight-reading book is designed to encourage students to play one each day of practice - with the focus on playing, not practicing!  It has wonderful, playful artwork and I'm confident this is a book I will make use of often! 

There was also another amazing resource - The Teachers Guide to the Primer Level.   This amazing book takes the teacher through every piece in the lesson book - page by page.  It provides sections labeled, "Let's Get Started" - tips to introduce the new pages, "Explore and create" - ideas to encourage creativity using the piece, "partner pages" - ways to use the theory, technique & artistry, performance and sightreading books to compliment the lesson book, and "pedagogy pointers" - what the piece is designed to do and suggestions to enhance your teaching!  The guide also includes a DVD with teaching examples for every page!!

It is well done and is nicely put together in a spiral bound format.  A great addition to any music studio!  The pedagogy tips alone are worth the price of this book!  If you use the Piano Adventures method books, I would strongly suggest you check out both of these!



Heidi said...

Randall Faber is one of my favorite presenters! It's great to have the opportunity to learn teaching tips from a master teacher.

stace said...

I'm glad that it was a helpful seminar! Randall Faber was "nearby" Philadelphia recently for another seminar and I had planned on going.... until I found out that it was a 2-hour drive from my house. Needless to say, I was bummed and didn't attend! Really wishing that I could've. I'm sure it was great. I'm going to look into the Teacher's Guide. Thanks for sharing. :)