Thursday, July 21, 2011

Just a little more...

Just a few more pictures about what we've done this week.  Tuesday was Wild West Day so we celebrated western style.  Here's a quick look at some of the activities we did throughout the day.

After hunting for all that gold, I had them build measures that we clapped together.  Then they got the opportunity to try to stump me by building a group of measures they thought would be really complicated for me to clap!  They really had a good time with this entire activity!  Who knew a pile of painted stones could be so much fun?!

With the help of my amazing husband, we also put together a really cool, western obstacle course.  After given them a term name or definition, each camper had to navigate the course to grab the correct term and then navigate back through the course to hand the term to me.
They loved this as well and kept asking to do it over and over again.  Of course, we timed their run so they were trying to be the one who could do it the fastest.  That was fine with me because they were still doing loads of learning!

I think crawling through the tire was the favorite spot!

Of course, we had to do a little line dancing!  The kids did great at this and they really had fun!  In fact a couple of them went home and tried to teach it to their parents!

Our American composer for the day was Aaron Copland.  We listened to his life story and then listened to "Rodeo" while watching an actual rodeo on YouTube. 

Of course, we also listened to some folk songs and then learned to play the spoons and the washboard while listening to "Oh Susanna". They did extremely well at this and really kept a nice steady beat!  They surprised even me!

I had found a photo cutout so we took pictures of the kids, put them in homemade rustic frames for the kids to take home to show their parents.

Overall, another fun day at the Notable Music Studio!  Tomorrow we head to Hawaii and all that water...


DizzyLizzy said...

Amazing! I want to come to the music camp!

Elexa said...

These are great ideas!