Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Composition Craze!

There's a lot of blog postings about student compositions such as a post here by Anne Crosby Gaudet (fabulous!) and this one by Jennifer Fink (also fabulous!).  I'm not as techno-saavy as Anne (and I certainly wish I was!), so Jennifer's ideas have great appeal (since they are easier for me to actually accomplish!)!! I actually have two of my teenage students who have been working on compositions.  They have put them in Finale and will be playing them in our studio recital next Friday night!  I'm super proud of both of them.

Song of Middle C
Another fun thing I am doing with one of my students at the recital is a bit of improvisation.  I'm planning to read the book, The Song of Middle C by Alison McGhee while one of my students improvises in the background!  He and I have had fun figuring out how to dramatize page by page!  This is a silly book about a little girl who is playing in her first recital and all the nerves that go with it.  We thought it would be a fun recital "opener"! 

I love to add a bit of wimsy!  I know many of you have already had your recitals but I wondered what fun things you may have incorporated this year.  It's certainly is helpful to learn from each other.  I LOVE all the blogging friends I have made!


Anne Crosby Gaudet said...

Your "Song of Middle C" improv idea sounds like SO much fun!

Wendy Stevens said...

Great idea Sheryl! I love the idea of reading the book before the recital. That should put everyone at ease and be a nice surprise for everyone. Thanks for the idea and introducing me to the book!