Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Plethera of Games

As I've been planning for upcoming music camps this summer, one of the resources that has been a big help to me has been this book:

Although it is not a game book specific to music, it is loaded with games that, with a bit of imagination, can be easily adapted.  I've had so much fun reading through it - imagining ways we can review notes on the staff, rhythm and musical terms while playing games, running relays or playing cooperative activities.

One big plus about the book is that it features no or low cost preparation using things you would normally have around your house.  It features games for 2 people up to huge groups so many of the games would work in your studio one-on-one with a student as well.

It's laid out by family/group games and children's games both which are divided into indoor and outdoor games.  A great resource for your studio and especially great if you plan camps or group lessons!

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Wendy Stevens said...

What a fun looking book, Sheryl! I love the graphic they picked. Can you give an example of a few if the games you adapted to your teaching? That would help me decide whether to buy it our not.