Monday, May 16, 2011

I finally did it!

Well, after much thought, research and saving, I finally bought an iPad for the studio!
Apple iPad Tablet

I couldn't be more thrilled and excited! I've already used it several times in lessons and my students are almost as excited as I am!  I have downloaded several free apps including flashcards (it's a whole lot more fun for students to do flashcards with them on an ipad than the handcut paper ones although they have their place too!) 

It's easy to transport so instead of taking a notebook, pen, etc. with me everywhere to jot down ideas, planning for camps, etc., I just whip out the ipad!  I didn't buy the fancy new version - ipad2.  For what I wanted it for, it wasn't worth the expense.  The original ipad works fabulous for me and was substantially less expensive. 

So, I thought I would ask those of you who have one what your favorite apps are and why.  How do you use the ipad in your studio and what apps seem to work the best for you?  Has it changed the way you teach and if so, how?

I would love some feedback!


Wendy Chan said...

YAY Sheryl, so excited for you. I LOVE my ipad too. Check out SImon's purfect pitch, I came to know about it from Anne Crosby's blog on pianoantics. My students are begging to play it every lesson :)

Sarah said...

Oh- that's so exciting!

I haven't bought one, though I hope to invest in one soon. Your post here and Anne Crosby's have made me even more eager to get one. I'm eager to see what apps are suggested- I'll be sure to take notes!

Anne Crosby Gaudet said...

Yay! Congratulations! I love Note Squish too.