Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Summer Break Ideas

In addition to planning summer camps, the studio recital coming up in June, and my end-of-year evaluations, I'm working on putting together ideas for summer lessons.  There is a lot of planning for us to do, isn't there?  I teach during July, but take August off for vacation and for planning for the new year, so I want my students to be as motivated as possible during the "lazy days of summer". 

So, I thought I would take a quick survey to see what the rest of you might have done or plan to do this summer.  Would you please share?

Do you put together packets for your students?  If so, would you share what those packets include? 
Do you plan an incentive program over the summer?  If so, what type of incentive have you found works the best? 

Do you purchase additional music for your students to work on over the summer?  If so, would you share what repetoire you find works the best for independent learning?

I thought I would compile the information here on my blog so that everyone has a list in one place.  Just post what you are doing and I'll put together the information for all to see!

Thank you! 


Heidi said...

I do something a little different each summer. Last year I did a piano ice cream party checklist which you can read more about on my blogpost "Motivation and Piano Parties." (Pancake or Pizza Parties are fun variations too!)I like the simplicity of planning this and having plenty of options so there is something for each student to excel in. I've also done a summer long piano olympics w/ various events: Practice Marathon, Note Name Dash, Triad Triathalon, Snailpace Sightreading, etc.

Bethany said...

I love the idea of the ice cream party. The past several years, I have given my parents a summer schedule with the days I will be teaching. I block out the weeks that I will be out of town, and then pick the days I will teach. I make sure that I have more options available than the fee. (For instance, this year, I have a total of 10 weeks, but parents pick 6). I charge a flat fee for the entire summer, and they choose the days/time of their children's lesson. This works well. Some weeks I have a full load, and the next week, I may have 2 lessons. Tuition is paid upfront, so if they choose to miss it counts as a "no show" and I do not make it up. Hope that makes sense. I am totally excited to see your camp ideas. Will you have them available for download/purchase?

Sheryl said...

Heidi, Great suggestions! I love the idea of an ice cream party! The piano olympics idea is very clever as well. Your students must love summer!

Sheryl said...

Bethany! I like your ideas about having your students take 6 lessons throughout the summer.

As far as the camps, I am working on making them available, so keep watching! I have some more details to work out, but hope to have at least one camp ready shortly! Thank you for your interest!