Thursday, March 24, 2011

Camp Themes

It may seem far away, but summer is coming and so are my studio camps!  Running camps in the summer is one of my favorite things!  I love to see the kids get excited to be with friends and to work together to practice and learn musical concepts.  And since I am a big kid at heart...

I recently came across a website that had loads of camp ideas and included a list of 100 Summer Camp Themes.  A great list!  So if you're thinking about having a camp or camps and need some ideas, this is a great place to start.  The site also has some other camp ideas which might trigger some creative ideas! 

If you've never done a camp, you should consider it.  It's a lot of work, but it's well worth it!  I'm planning on running 3 camps this year - 2 camps that I've done in the past and a new one I'm working on right now.  I'll be sure to share more on this as it gets closer to summer!  In the meantime, I hope you're own planning goes well and that you'll check back and share what you're doing!

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Julie Armes said...

Hey Sheryl:
I'm curious, how big are your camps? And how many adults do you get involved? Where do you run them? And what are the liablity issues involved? I just started teaching this year and am considering the possibility of running a camp,, but I'm not sure how logistically possible it would be for a small number of campers. Any thoughts you have on running camps would be welcome. Thanks!