Monday, February 14, 2011

Records now in MP3 form

Happy Valentine's Day!  I'm sorry for the lack of posts lately - I've been sick the past week so I've only been doing what's absolutely necessary! Hopefully I'll have more energy soon!

I recently found a wonderful resource of old records (anyone remember those?) that date back to the 1950's and 1960's.  The resource is Arts Reformation  and it has a bunch of wonderful records that have been turned into MP3s and ready for your listening!  You can also view the actual original covers of the records such as this one.

This particular record, for example. plays the music of the composer while telling his life story.  They were wonderfully done and I love having the opportunity to use them now in my studio!  This record in particular would work well at a group lesson or a camp dedicated to composers.

There are many more including titles such as, "A Child's Introduction to the Orchestra", "A Child's Instroduction to the Nutcracker Suite", Introductions to Jazz and Folk Songs, as well as many familiar Fairy Tales.  It's a wonderful resource.  I hope you take the time to listen to some of them. 

It will take you back...

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