Wednesday, February 16, 2011

ID Match-Up

I have another game for you today - ID Match-Up!  I created this game for some of my students to help them more quickly recognize the staff notes with the keys on the piano.  It also helps them to quickly recognize where the same letter name is on the staff.

This game is designed for 2 players - making it easy for you and a student or 2 siblings or even 2 students you may have back-to-back.  And the best should only take about 3 minutes to play!

The deck is shuffled and divided in half.  There are 76 total cards - 28 keyboard cards and 48 staff cards.  I only included notes on the staff - no ledger lines. Each player takes 3 cards off the top of their deck as the hand they start with.  At "Go" each player simutaneously turns over the top card of their draw pile. Each player then tries to match the note of either their deck or the other player's deck with a note out of their hand.  The first player to get rid of all of the cards in their hand and in their deck wins!
I also made sets of cards in 2 colors - Blue and Green thinking that as an optional way to use the game with younger students, I can also have them match cards by color or by note name - just to keep the game moving.

If you are interested in using this game in your studio, you can find the cards available for download on my website here.

I would love to hear how your students enjoy the game, so please feel free to check back and let me know!


Jennifer said...

Thanks Sheryl, looking forward to trying this one.

Just to clarify, do students just match keyboard to matching note on staff or can they also match other notes on staff for example a treble F to a Bass F, etc..

Sheryl said...

Hi Jennifer,
The way I intended the game was that students could match any "A" - whether it be on the staff or on the keyboard. You certainly can play it any way that you want or any way that fits your students. I hope you enjoy it!