Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Fun Activities!

During such a busy time of the year, I'm extra thankful for my fellow piano teachers who come up with great ideas!  Thank you to Joy who came up with the idea for making these gems!  My youngest student - a 4 year old made great use of them today!  (And yes, she did them herself...AND got them all right!)

I also used them for a waiting room activity for my newer students by also making use of Susan Paradis' fun Ornament Bingo.  Rather than play it as a game, I just had them work at getting the right gem on each keyboard ornament.  They really liked this activity and it kept them quiet for just the right amount of time!

I also made these Musical Alphabet Ornaments with the intention of using them for my magnetic staff boards.  I thought it would be a fun Christmas twist rather than using the plain black notes I usually use. 

You can read the original post I did on the magnetic staff boards here.  What fun activities have you been doing lately?

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Joy Morin said...

Cool! What great game ideas for using the Alpha-Gems!! I love following your blog.

Hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas.