Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Recital "Dress Rehearsal"

Performing can be pretty scary and although I have very excited students, some of them are also a bit nervous - especially those who haven't done this before.  I've been talking a lot about it in lessons and answering lots of questions!  As a way to help them out, I set up a "dress rehearsal" a.k.a "group lesson" for this week. 

Since Wednesday is a half day at school here in Connecticut, I scheduled the group lesson for the early afternoon.  The plan?...to play through our recital pieces for each other, practice our bows and recital etiquette, and try to get rid of some of the nervous jitters!

I found fun clappers similar to these at a local Christmas Tree Shop and thought the kids would have a great time using them to encourage each other.   I have some fun games planned, and also planned to show them this silly,short video to remind them to practice hard before the big day...

It should be a fun afternoon! And hopefully the result will be that everyone is a bit more comfortable playing in public!

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