Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Gift of Music

I periodically send an e-mail out to all my studio contacts - piano parents as well as friends/family and people who have contacted me with interest in the studio.  These e-mails are my version of a newsletter and they simply highlight "current" and "upcoming" events and discuss the latest happenings in the studio.  I intend to convert to a newsletter form, but haven't decided exactly what format I want so it's still in the building stages. 

In the e-mail I sent out today, I briefly mentioned that my studio offers gift certificates for lessons and camps and suggest they consider giving "the gift of music" this Christmas.  This is a great way to get potential students.  Because I offer music camps that aren't restricted to my current students, I can offer gift certificates for the full or partial cost of any camp or a month or 1/2 month of lessons.

They're easy enough to put together by using a free on-line template or using Word or Publisher.

Just something to consider this Christmas!

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