Friday, September 3, 2010

Friday's "Fabulous Five"

My sweet friend, Rachel has a blog and each Friday she posts her "Fabulous Five" or 5 things that have happened throughout the week - mostly with her beautiful son, Brennan (who has to be one of the cutest babies - EVER!).  I thought I would "borrow" the same idea and post 5 exciting things that happened in the studio this week.  So here they are...

1. I went through our studio practice incentive with most of my students this week.  They are SUPER excited about it!  Some of my student's siblings were a bit envious they couldn't participate...hmmm!?!  I'm hoping I'll see evidence of lots of practicing this year...and maybe a few extra students!

2. One of my teenage students finished a method book this week!  He came to me as a transfer student who could play very well and has an incredible ear for music, BUT struggled to read.  We've been working diligently at it and he is doing really well.  We had a goal together that he finish this book by the end of the summer and he made it!!!

3. I signed on 3 new students this week!  3 excited kids!  I love to see their excitement as they start to read music and begin to play songs on their own.  Priceless!

4. I've started my older students on a new program - Theory/Composition Bootcamp!  This year my goal is to concentrate on the composition side of theory and have them writing some of their own songs through notation software.  I think it's important for them to know the correct way to write it out themselves as well as use the software so we'll be working with lots of manuscript paper this year!

5.  We completed our roof before the hurricane showed up!  My husband, youngest son and I worked through the heat wave this week to get the rest of our roof re-done before Earl showed up!  I realize that doesn't sound like a studio-related event, but that roof sits over the studio and I'm thankful that right now it's weather tight!  My studio is full of unusual things - pool floats, chairs, deck supplies, etc. to get them out of the wind.  LOL!  Good thing I don't have lessons today!

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!  I hope you'll also think about at least 5 things that you're excited about that happened to you this week!