Monday, September 27, 2010

A Composer Challenge

Because I wanted to challenge my older students and offer some more age-appropriate activities for composer packets, I created what I call the, "Composer-Keyboard Challenge".  I made a keyboard and using different fonts, put information about each composer on the white keys of an octave.  I included the composers name, their country of birth, their period of music, 4 of their famous works and a fun fact about them.  By cutting these out and laminating them, it becomes a challenge to see if they can "piece" all of the facts about each composer together correctly!  The more composers you include, the more challenging it becomes!

Here's a look at how I cut them apart.

And here's how I'm storing them...snack baggies separating each composer so that I can decide which composers to quiz at a particular time.  

I'm planning to post these on my website shortly, if you are interested.  I put together about 14 composers so far.  If there is an additional composer you would like, please feel free to let me know!


Heidi said...

I look forward to your post! I can think of a few students who could really benefit from this.
I tried a different spin on your "Slalom Terminology" game at my group lesson yesterday and it was a big hit. Instead of running through the obstacles to get terms, I had them race to get note flashcards for our slalom spelling bee. Thanks for the inspiration!

Sheryl said...

Thanks, Heidi! You're so sweet! I'm made the Composer-Keyboard Challenge in Photoshop and I'm having some trouble saving it in a way you can open it up. I'll try to have them available asap! I put a comment on your post regarding the slalom race you put together! Nice job!