Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Music Olympics - some more pictures!

Another event we did at Music Olympics had to do with recognition of musical terms. I made two sets of cards with the same musical terms, laminated them and spread them out on the lawn. I called the event, "Slalom Terminology". After given the teams a definition, I had them run around cones in slalom fashion to retrieve the correct term. We had been reviewing the terms so much during the week that both teams got ALL of them correct! This game was a big hit!

Here's a look another game we did quizzing intervals...

And of course, no Olympic games are complete without the medal ceremony!

I had some really happy kids on Friday because amazingly, it was a tie and in the individual events, everyone went home with medals!

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Joy Morin said...

Hey Sheryl!

What exactly did you award ribbons for? How were students able to earn more than one ribbon?

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