Saturday, August 28, 2010

Fall Happenings

Like most of you, I've been super busy getting ready for the fall start-up.  I've finished setting up my computer lab and just need to complete the structured plans for my students.  Once that's done, I'll be setting up a spreadsheet with the plan for each student so that they can have everything right there for easy access.  After that's all complete, we're ready to launch!

I've also worked on some organization.  With all the games, manipulatives and activities I've accumulated, it was getting hard to find what I wanted, so I picked up some drawer units from Target and labeled them "Note Identification", "Rhythm", "Terminology", "Technique-Scales", "Stickers" , etc. 

Here's a look at a couple of the drawers and what I store in them.

I've also picked up a few little "friends" to use with my beginning students as they navigate the keys.  I've used regular game pieces in the past, but these were calling out to come home with me.  My summer students have loved them, so I suspect my new and returning students will as well.

I'm also running two of my camps  - Mystery Music Camp and the Pre-Piano Camp - through my local town's Park & Rec program this fall.  Each camp will run once a week for 6 weeks.  I'm hoping that I'll acquire a few more students as I did over the summer. 

I've also put together my incentive program.  I'm using Jen's Musikopoly program so I spent time getting everything copied and put together.  The kids are REALLY excited about this program!  I'll be introducing  it this coming week in lessons.  I've also completed their notebooks with all of their lesson plans for the year hoping this will help us stay more focused this year.  I still have a few more things to get ready for my older students, but those should all be done within the next day or two.

I hope you're all ready to go and are excited about a new year!  I know I am!  I love what I do and enjoy the time I spend with each of my students!


Jennifer said...

Looks good, I have the same corner desk in my lab. ;) Looks like you have a great start to your new year. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Running camps through your local rec department is a GREAT idea! That would be a perfect way to get hooked into a new community - I'm going to share that at our next local teacher's association meeting.

Alice said...

Hi ... would you share where do you get the colorful blocks for note value? Thanks so much!

Sheryl said...

Hi Alice,

I actually made them. I measured out the size I wanted and my husband cut them, I sanded them and then painted them with bright colors. Once that was done, I added the note values with a black permanent marker. If you would like dimensions, etc. to make your own, just let me know!