Monday, July 19, 2010


As a part of my Music Olympics Camp next week, the kids will be working on quickly naming musical terms. I created this game to help make it more fun! Team members are given a definition and asked to name the term. If they get it correct, they have the chance to throw a bean bag onto the mat in an effort to get 3 in a row for their team.

Although I made this large - a 9' x 9' tarp with colored duct tape marking the lines, you can easily make it smaller - even small enough for your studio. In fact, I'm planning to make a 3' x 3' one for indoor use. I made this large one because our olympic games will be outdoors and the kids love things BIG!

It was super easy to make. I just marked off the tarp in thirds and made the lines with hot pink duct tape. You can find lots of colors of duct tape to make it fun and appealing. You can also use this for drilling note identification, rhythm patterns, intervals, or whatever works for you. A smaller one would work great at a pre-piano camp to quiz finger numbers, the musical alphabet or even white key names.

I hope this gives you lots of ideas! Have fun!

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