Monday, June 28, 2010

Year-End "Busy-ness"

As well as teaching piano lessons and getting ready for summer camps, I just completed another choir year as the Director of Music at my church. The adult choir sings weekly from September through June. While I still have responsibilites during the summer (organizing music, playing each week and leading the Praise Team), my main responsibilities with the adult choir are over until September. I'm certainly ready for a rest!

Most of my piano students have elected to continue lessons through the summer which I'm happy to do. What occupies most of my time right now is getting ready for summer camps. I'm actually working hard making a few things for the camps which I hope to share with you this week. I always try to include things that are also usable in my regular piano lessons. While the camps include lots of outdoor activities which are not common to lessons or even group lessons, items I spend money on have to be usable all year long. I'm just finishing up a couple of things I will be sharing with you that you can make also! So stay tuned...

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