Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My Studio

I live in a rural area of Connecticut and we own a small farm with several animals. When I'm not teaching, I can be found taking care of animals, working in the garden or mowing our very large yard. The kids love to visit the animals when they're here for their lessons - an added marketing tool!! I am really blessed to have a dedicated area in my home for my studio and thought I would share some pictures.
This is my piano - a gift from my amazing husband a few years ago.

This cupboard holds loads of music and worksheets, not to mention a bit of chocolate for some special games!

Some games and activities are stored in file folders.

More game storage...as you can see it's quite full!

This cupboard holds lots of music and organized storage. More music is kept in a file cabinet in another area of the house.

Rhythm instrument storage.

Because I also teach several music camps throughout the year, I have lots of equipment we use outside. It's starting to fill the studio and I want to add a computer lab, so all the balls, jump ropes, cones, etc. will eventually be moving to our basement (once I purchase a storage cabinet).

Well...that's it! My humble studio and where I spend many hours of my day!

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